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A Virtual Co-Working Space for Christian Entrepreneurs & Creatives

"The timing of finding TRIBE was absolutely divine. I had a strong desire to find a group of black female Christian entrepreneurs and God was like “bang” here you go! This community has been so instrumental in the growth of my business and my personal development. I have a much clearer idea of how I want to grow my business. They helped take a leap of faith and move forward with an idea I probably would’ve taken much longer to think of without the help of TRIBE.  I’ve been a product of how it takes a village to raise a child. And I’m so excited to to be a product of how it take a TRIBE raise an entrepreneur. Call me cheesy, but it’s true. 😂" 

Shayna Allen

Here’s what you get:

  • Daily Coworking Sessions that help you get into the flow & execute.

  • (OPTIONAL) Weekly Small Group Accountability Check-ins to help you actually follow through on the intentions you set for yourself.

  • Quarterly Review & Planning Retreats to help you stay focused & consistent all year round.

  • Personalized Feedback & Coaching to help you get out of your head, make decisions & execute faster. Our eyes on your work

  • Founder's Toolbox gives you immediate access to all our training modules, masterclasses, tools & templates to help you build, launch & grow an aligned business. 

  • Access to Some Pretty Dope People to do life & business with.

Other communities give you more to do while Faithful Founder™ gives you the power to do!

"I am very grateful for this experience.  It's been amazing being able to share so much of my faith in how I build my business with other women that get it.  I've learned a lot from my group members as well as the resources you provided.  It's like having all of those devotionals that gather me up be live and in person which I really appreciate.  Thank you for letting God use you." 

Dr. Marcuetta Sims

"The BIF Tribe is truly a safe space for you to be vulnerable about where you are in your spiritual walk, personal life, and your business. The encouragement and transparency within the group are uplifting and, most importantly, Marlena is present within the group. Some business coaches only do just enough to get by but Marlena goes above and beyond. She responds to  EVERY comment no matter how big or small and makes sure everyone understands the material and is progressing in the right direction. I am grateful to be one of her day ones." 

Tiara Jones

"I was walking around here feeling so out of place because all the people I’m around are not entrepreneurs, don’t have the same drive and this group has helped me feel not alone and have people around me doing the same thing, going the same place. Not to mention Marlena gives out the God bars and the business bars back to back! You need this community! If you’re struggling with consistency, accountability or just getting over that hump, come in here. You gonna have to do the work but it’s worth it. You’re gonna level up if you apply what she’s talking about." 

Antoine Edmonson

"The Big Idea Food Tribe has been EEEEEVERYTHING!!! From the initial launch to now, it has been a lifesaver (true story!). I feel like I've finally found those "other people" who understand what I'm doing and going through when it comes to owning and running a creative business. The sense of community, the level of professionalism and diverse businesses, and the access to information we've been provided has been a-mazing!! Love it, love it, love it!" 

Heather Pittmon

"I'm so thankful to God for BIF TRIBE. Last year I missed getting into a very needed mastermind program for reasons I still can't fathom. Right after the frustration I prayed to God asking for a business community cause this journey can be so lonely. Then came across the announcement in an email. It was my safety boat as 2020 was my toughest year ever. But oohh the community. We still have our weekly accountability calls and they are so so refreshing. Thank you Father for this gift!" 

Keira Ndoumbe

"TRIBE has truly helped me make the transition from employee to entrepreneur much more manageable and enjoyable than I thought it could be. I have had false and defeatist mindsets challenged, my faith has grown and I have gained new friends, all while actively working towards establishing my business. For the first time since I embarked on the entrepreneur journey, I don't feel frazzled, overwhelmed or hopeless. My life and business feel so much more organized since I joined TRIBE. Frankly, I can't stop raving about it to everyone I know!"

Vanetta Morrison

"Marlena's BIF Tribe came at the perfect timing for me. I've been in business for less than a year but felt quite stagnant. On top of that it was quite challenging to balance this new entrepreneur life, create a new routine, spending time with God and to be productive and not procrastinate. Joining TRIBE helped me to have a clear vision for my businesses, my life, create a daily routine where I manage to include God in it. I'm now feeling I'm moving forward. On top of that, I gained an amazing accountability group that is a true blessing to me. I feel less alone as an entrepreneur. We are able to encourage each other, give advice, practical tools etc. Literally the definition of "iron sharpens iron" (Prov 27:17)." 

Tracy Amofa-Diatuo

We know you’ve got BIG ideas and Big Idea Food™ TRIBE is the space you’ve been praying for to help you bring them all to pass—while helping us do the same.


Hey I'm Marlena, Author & Founder of Big Idea Food™ 👋🏾

I can’t even count the number of testimonials in comments, mentions, DM’s, reviews & emails that I’ve received from people who have been impacted by my devotional for entrepreneurs, Big Idea Food™.  God has truly used this book to affirm so many along their journey in business while drawing us all closer to Him in the process.

This book, however, is only the tip of the iceberg of products & media He’s given me to create. From additional volumes of Big Idea Food™ to more faith-fueling journals, workbooks, merch, courses, events, media, streaming & films there are SO many more resources to be developed.

And not only will I develop these resources, but I will use them to fund & support Christian business. Everything I produce will ALWAYS put Christian founders on! My goal is to help more Christian creatives get paid to execute all the big ideas God has given us so that collectively we can take care of our Father’s business in the earth—which is ultimately what we’re here to do right?! 

Your membership at Big Idea Food™ TRIBE helps make all this happen.

No matter what level you join, your support is appreciated. Become a member of Big Idea Food™ TRIBE today.

BIG Love,

Marlena Banks

"I am grateful for Marlena and the community she's building. It's inspiring to see someone, a black woman to be exact, doing this... and for the Kingdom above all. I appreciate her energy, authenticity, and the way she teaches the Word of God, even through the lens of an entrepreneur. 

Aside from this, having a community to ask questions (about various topics, not just my field) and learn from is a huge help! I LOVE my accountability partners and am excited to see God moving on their behalf and watching them operate in faith to build what they were created to accomplish. 

Overall, it's encouraging to watch another person build what they're called to build, operating in faith, with knowledge of the Word, and pushing me in each of these areas of my life as well."

Kenyatta Manley

Our Schedule & Hours

  • 1st Tuesday → Monthly Mastermind Call at 12pm EST
  • 2nd Month of each Quarter → Quarterly Group Networking / Fun Event

  • 3rd Month of each Quarter → New Accountability Partner Mixer

The Big Idea Food™ TRIBE team engages within the community and is available for support via email during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm EST

Our offices are closed for most major holidays, the first two weeks of August for our annual team vacation, the last two weeks of December & first week of January for Christmas. Marlena takes her annual sabbatical during the months of August & September. The community is still “open” during these times.

Get targeted support for accomplishing 1 major life or business goal every 90 days plus an atmosphere that strengthens your faith, mindset, discipline & business savvy all year round.



  • What demographics make up the majority of your members? Our founder is a Black Christian woman who wrote a book from our perspective, so as you can imagine, the majority of our members are Black Christian women (and it’s amazing!). That said, this space is more about the Kingdom than color so er’body welcome. Fellas too. If the support you can receive here is vibing with you, come on in. 

  • Do I have to be a Christian to join? Not at all! But if you are bothered or uncomfortable in any way with prayers being prayed before events, ongoing conversations about how good God is and how active He is in our lives & businesses, or have any type of animosity towards Christian people or our beliefs, save yourself the time & money because this is not the community for you. 

  • Do I have to already own a business to join? Nope. We’re here to support you at any stage of business you’re in, from thinking about getting started to growing & scaling it. We also have members who don’t plan to start a business but just want to soak in connections with other amazing Christian entrepreneurs or work on personal life projects. Wherever you are in life or business, you’re welcome here. 

  • Are my racist or hate-filled views welcome here? No. No matter what color you are or party you belong to, degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

  • Do you offer courses & coaching? We will soon! Our mastermind tier of the community, featuring our signature course Build Your Big Idea™, will open up soon. Become a member now so you can get first dibs; spots will be limited and offered to TRIBE members first. 

  • What happens after I join? You’ll receive a series of emails that will walk you through next steps & nourish you throughout your first few weeks. We also have an easy-to-follow orientation course that will help you get acclimated with our platform & set you up for success within TRIBE.

  • How can I invest more toward your vision? The best way to support us is to become a member! However, if you’d like to give above and beyond your membership fees, we receive! Invest via cashapp at $BigIdeaFood or PayPal at [email protected] Other ways to support include booking Marlena to speak at your event or on your show, purchasing copies of Big Idea Food™ in bulk to give as gifts or put on retail shelves, mentioning us in rooms or just following whatever nudge the Holy Spirit gives you concerning this brand. For all inquiries, email [email protected]

Big Idea Food™ TRIBE is for you if:

  • You love the Big Idea Food™ devotional book and are looking for more devotions & content like it to feed on

  • You’ve been patiently (or not so patiently!) waiting for the next volume of Big Idea Food™ to drop & want to make it happen sooner. 

  • You've been saying you need more accountability

  • You've been struggling with discipline & consistently showing up as your best self

  • You're tired of constantly consuming content without actually applying it

  • You value the power of masterminding and want to create your dream group of like-minded friends you can do life & business with

  • You've been praying for a community of believers that has the perfect mix of Jesus, business & mindset without being TOO religious—or TOO ratchet

  • You value unity in the Body of Christ and are committed to loving your Christian family more than spreading gossip, division, hate, etc

  • You just love Marlena & the Big Idea Food™ brand and want to support the work we're doing

If you fit any of the above, we'd love to have you join! Purchase your Big Idea Food™ TRIBE membership today and get instant access to a space designed uniquely for you.


"I accomplished my one year goal! Thank you Big Idea Food & Marlena Banks for your leadership and encouragement." 

Autumn Naomi

"I realized I’ve been playing it safe for years bc I don’t want to be disappointed. Whew. I have filled up page after page with dreams and I’m trusting, for really the first time, that he who calls is faithful. This is all literally changing my life. And my kids’ lives...which means it’s changing their kids’ lives...goosebumps, girl." 

Sarah Guerrero

"I can't tell you how much being a part of the tribe blessed my spirit, especially during the difficult times we were dealing with. Each session/lesson, each special guest, and especially our accountability groups (who I still connect with weekly) really helped me with my business and were a part of the inspiration for my book, which was just recently released a few weeks ago.I really respect Marlena and her vision to bring together Christian entrepreneurs, creatives and dreamers. I love that she has allowed God to use her to bring us all together." 

Glynis Jones

"I am so grateful Marlena created the BIF community. It was exactly what I had been looking for. The resources Marlena has shared with us has been very helpful, but the most important resource she has shared with us is her time and compassion. The BIF community has been a huge support for me in developing my business. I used to feel really intense about running a business, but now I am at peace because I know God has provided me with everything I need, and that includes this community." 

Dorothy Leung

"The community based on Biblical principles is amazing. Also, there are a ton of go-getter people that's inspiring. Marlena is great at providing valuable information and asking questions that cause you to pause and reflect." 

Ashley-Dior Thomas

"Since joining tribe, I've gotten more clarity on some of the things I've been thinking about and working on, experienced a great amount of encouragement and support from my excellent accountability group, as well as the wider community, as well as made some excellent connections that have led to interesting and positive offline interactions. It's definitely been a worthwhile investment and a blessed experience." 

Lamide Akintobi





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