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Big Idea Food™ TRIBE

***NOTE: We're on a break from live events until June 2021 but join now to access our Bible plans & network

Build the life & business you were called to build.

Whether you’re just getting started in business or have a few years under your belt, this is where you’ll master the faith, mindset, discipline & savvy you need to become the best version of yourself and grow an influential business. 

Hey hey! I’m Marlena Banks, founder of Big Idea Food™, the weekly devotional that has now become an emerging Christian media brand for entrepreneurs & creatives. I created this platform with one mission in mind: To help us create so much time & financial freedom that we can execute every big idea God gives us with no limits. 

This community is where we will accomplish that mission together. With over 10 years experience encouraging, branding & coaching Christian founders, I’ve curated a treasure-trove of resources and a comprehensive system designed to help you level up in 4 key areas:

Feed your faith daily so you can boldly take every leap God calls you to take.

Master your mindset so you can eradicate limiting beliefs holding you back from experiencing the abundant life God has for you.

Develop your discipline so you can become the version of yourself that you aspire to be.

Build your business savvy so you can create, market and scale a profitable, financially sound business.

I believe that mastering these 4 areas will free you up to be able (read: wealthy enough in mind and money) to do everything God puts on your heart for your family, your community and the world. 

That’s the type of freedom & influence that belongs to you and it starts by surrounding yourself with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who believe like you.

The truth is...

  • If you don’t commit to feeding your faith & relationship with God consistently, you will never have enough courage to execute all of what God is calling you to do.

  • God isn’t holding you back from prospering in your life or business, your own lack of consistency and follow through is. 

  • Praying and reading your Bible alone isn’t enough to get you to your next level, you must combine that with action if you want to see real results (Faith without works is dead)

  • Knocking out your list of goals won’t bring you the fulfillment you desire, becoming the type of person who knocks out those goals will.

  • Buying and listening to a bunch of business courses will do absolutely nothing for you if you never implement what you’re learning.

  • The reason you’ve been terrible at implementing is that you lack an effective accountability system to support you.

Big Idea Food™ TRIBE will help you finally:

  • Build a routine for feeding your faith consistently & stick to it

  • Retrain your mind to naturally think thoughts that serve you 

  • Implement habits & routines that consistently support your goals instead of working against them.

  • Find your dream accountability partner & build an accountability system that helps you follow through on achieving your goals.

  • Develop the business skills & knowledge outside of your expertise that you need to make your business profitable & influential

  • Finally act on the business knowledge you’ve been learning instead of just continuing to absorb it. 

"I was feeling frustrated and ready to quit. I literally had to stop my day and say "Let me go get my FOOD."

- Ashlee Nicole

"Devotionals SPECIFICALLY for entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and dreamers!? This got me ALL the way together in this wilderness season."

- Black Girl Buying

Inside Big Idea Food™ TRIBE you’ll find:

Member Exclusives

  • My bank of over 20 Big Idea Food™ Bible study plans that you can do with friends (new plans added regularly!)

  • My growing library of business templates, trainings & tools

  • The right accountability partner for you through my intentional orientation process

  • Access to a growing network of dope, like-minded Christian entrepreneurs & creatives

Monthly topics like:

  • Mastering Your Marketing & Messaging

  • Upgrading Your Sales Skills & Process

  • Business Foundations: Setting Up & Protecting Your Legacy

  • Building Financial Discipline & Systems into Your Life & Business

  • Networking Like a Boss

  • Unlocking Divine Creativity & Innovation

  • Holiday Sales & Planning

  • Winning Souls With Your Business

  • Designing Your Dream Year

What it’s worth...

  • Live trainings and materials + unlimited access to recordings $100/mo
  • Business resource library $100/mo
  • Exclusive Big Idea Food™ Bible Studies: priceless
  • Built-in network: priceless
  • Finally getting on track with your purpose: priceless

My commitment to you...

If there’s something you want to add or improve inside the community (within reason), I will create it for you!

I’m excited to meet you and get to work! 💪🏽

Marlena Banks, Founder

"This really creates a burning fire in my soul to be all God created me to be."

- Sasha Ledawn

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